GEM Bale Wrap

You have invested a lot into your forage; it could harm your farm if your bales were poorly wrapped and stored. GEM Bale Wrap protects each bale’s surface layer to minimize storage losses and maintain nutrient quality. GEM Bale Wrap has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Canadian hay producers.

  • Multi layer extrusion process provides unmatched strength
  • Double-sided tack ensures an airtight seal
  • U.V. inhibitors protect plastic and extend the life of sealed bales

GEM Bale Wrap is available in:


  • 20"
  • 30"


  • 1 mil
  • 1.2 mil


  • white
  • green

Gem Silage Products has five warehouses and 40 + dealers across Canada to ensure you get your order when and where you need it. We’re your partner in quality forage needs.


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Bale Wrap Instructions for Use

Film roll storage (prior to application):

  1. Store rolls in a well protected, clean and dry environment

  2. Do not store rolls outdoors or expose them to sunlight

  3. Do not store film at temperatures above 100°F (38°C)

  4. Nicking or scuffing any surface of the silage wrap roll may cause the film to break during use

  5. Follow established animal husbandry practices in use of balage film


This product is to be applied following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your application equipment.

For optimum performance:

  1. This film should be stretched

  2. Wrap individual bales with six (6) layers of film. In-line wrapping requires more layers

  3. Do not use insecticide-treated baling twine as it will degrade the film

  4. Do not leave unused film on equipment when wrapping is complete. Contact with evening dew or rain may cause the core of the roll to swell, interfering with the stretch capabilities upon subsequent usage

Limited Warranty

This product is warranted as merchantable if used for the purposes intended. This product will provide service for one (1) storage season if used per the instructions. This warranty is limited to product replacement or reimbursement of the cost of the product. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for special or consequential charges.


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