Poor weather, such as hail and animals like birds and deer can damage your forage. To protect your silage, grain and hay from the elements, GEM Silage Products has developed GEMGuard®, a close-mesh, high-density, flexible polyethylene cover that provides the ultimate protection from deterioration. 

We also know that you need durable products that will last, which is why GEMGaurd® can be re-used up to 10 times. The protective weave has been proven to not fray to ensure it effectively blocks hail and birds. As well, you won’t have to waste time trying to find a place to store GEMGaurd®, as the sheets are easy to store when not in use.

  • GEMGuard's® interlocking woven polyethylene mesh protects silage, grain bags, bunker covers, bale tubes, and stacks from damage caused by hail, birds, deer, pets and other animals.
  • Reduces feed spoilage
  • Reduces covering time by eliminating the need for tires
  • Convenient, easy-to-handle size
  • Unmatched 10 year UV warranty

Gem Silage Products has five warehouses and 40 + dealers across Canada to ensure you get your products when and where you need them.


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gemguard covers are Available in

  • 13’ x 49’ (4m x 15m)
  • 19’ x 49’ (6m x 15m)
  • 22’ x 49’ (7m x 15m)
  • 26’ x 32’ (8m x 10m)
  • 26’ x 39’ (8m x 12m)
  • 26’ x 49’ (8m x 15m)
  • 26’ x 52’ (8m x 16m)
  • 26’ x 65’ (8m x 20m)
  • 32’ x 49’ (10m x 15m)
  • 39’ x 52’ (12m x 16m)
  • 39’ x 65’ (12m x 20m)


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